a freeware alternative to writeroom

What's WrongRoom?

First off, let's get one thing straight: WrongRoom is not WriteRoom, nor is it made by the same folks. WriteRoom is made by Hog Bay Software, a completely unaffiliated entity. Let there be no ambiguity please.

Next, please understand that I would actually recommend that you buy WriteRoom if you are serious about writing in a distraction free setting. WriteRoom has a variety of options and features that WrongRoom just doesn't have, so please, get WriteRoom if you need what it has to offer.

So, why did I write it? Well, partly for fun (as my first OSX app), and partly because I just can't stand timed-trials. I wanted there to be a freeware alternative out there for OSX. Voila.

download wrongroom 1.5b universal binary

So, Here's the Free Download

Click the free download link to the left to get your copy of WrongRoom v1.5b, a freeware alternative to WriteRoom. You can grab my email from the ReadMe if you want to send me any feedback...

Old Versions:

WrongRoom v1.4b